Thursday, 30 May 2013

Enyahlee's Goal

When I write paragraphs I am learning to write some complex sentences which have more detail.

Leopard Seals haul their self up with there streamlined bodies,  onto the pack ice . Leopard seals are predators.

Did you know a whale is a predator, because they try to make waves for the seals to fall of the pack ice ? Sometimes whales stay in a group called a pod.

Some animals are dangerous like skuas , they come and eat the baby chicks. Skuas are birds that live in Antarctica.

Weddell Seals a predators because they eat fish,cephalopods and crustaceans. Did you know that they are one type of specie that goes fast on land.

Enyahlee's Whale Quiz

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Enyahlee's Seal Paragraph

Enyahlee’s Seal paragraphs.

We are learning  to summarise the main parts of a paragraph.
Seals are mammals that live in Oceans all over the world. All of the Seals at Antarctica are Non-eared Seals. These Seals have lot’s of blubber to keep them warm.

Seals have thick,short hair on their streamlined body, to keep them warm. They have flippers to help them be superb swimmers. Most of the time,Seals are in the sea.

Seals are so fast and graceful in the water but when they get out of the water they are slow and clumsy. Most of the time when they are finished in the water the try to haul their self onto the land. They give birth to there Pups on the Ice.  

In Antarctica there are 30 million Crabeater Seals . Crabeater Seals are so common to Antarctic Minke whale.

Enyahlee's Whale Story.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Enyahlee Antarctic Penguins

Summarise the main points of a text , in my own words

Penguins are birds that  live in the Southern Oceans but they do not  live in the North of the world. Penguins are extraordinary birds, but did you know that there are no birds that live in the North of the world they only live down in the Southern Oceans.

When Penguins come ashore the take small waddling steps . Penguins can't fly but they can stand upright when they come ashore.

In the Antarctic the sun doesn’t rise for a long Antarctic winter .Icy gales pass thru and it starts to get freezing

Emperor penguins survive for a whole winter in Antarctica .There are only a few living things that live in Antarctica ,one   thing is Emperor penguin but there are others too.

Penguins have a thick layer of fat to keep them warm it is called blubber .There skin helps them to keep them out of the cold.

Penguins have a  fluffy layers that has soft feathers and it overlaps .They have a thick waterproof coat to keep there soft feathers dry.

The End

Friday, 10 May 2013

Will.I.Am Visits Our School

I was so amazed we Will.I.Am came throw the door.Every one was screaming because we didn't now who was coming. He told the school all about his life when he was little. He never meet his dad and he didn't have any money when he was young.

By Enyahlee

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Gragh

Today we learnt about the temperature of Antarctica, we found out that the deeper you go down the warmer it get's.