Thursday, 11 July 2013


These are some famous singers that you hear on tv and youtube hope you enjoy these pictures of the famous singers that are awesome.

ONE DIRECTION is a boy band who performs all over the world expressly London there home town.
There names are HARRY, NIALL,LOUIS,ZAYN and LIAM.

Did you know that they are best boy band in the world I think they are because they have a big personality and they have cool songs.

Google up ONE DIRECTION to get more photos and information THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 JAMES ARTHUR was on X Factor in 2011  he had won the entire thing . His song that he wrote got me hooked in with the music . His song is IMPOSSIBLE. I think he is the best man singer in the world he is AMAZING.

Google up JAMES ARTHUR to get some information and photos THANK YOU !!!!!!
DEMI LOVATO is a singer who performs all over the world and my  favourite song is HEART ATTACK.

Google up DEMI LOVATO to get some information and photos THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
WILLOW SMITH and JADEN SMITH are famous singers who perform all over the world even in movies like AFTER EARTH and KARATE KID.

Google up WILLOW SMITH and JADEN SMITH to get some information and photos THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

ARIANA GRANDE is a singer who performs her songs
all over the world and on movies. I LOVE VICTORIOUS
because she is KAT in it.

Google up ARIANA GRANDE to get some information
and photos THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Enyahlee,
    These are all my favourite singers to. But the best is Ariana Grande. She is the BEST singer in the world. I hope you have the bestes time in Hastings. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    1. Thanks for commenting on my AMAZING blog post.

      I will miss you TOOOOOO BYEEEEEEEEEE

      THank you Puawai

  2. wow enyahlee what nice singing you have got on you blog i mostly like one direction:)

  3. Hi Enyah
    It's me Paige
    I miss you
    How are you


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