Monday, 1 July 2013

Enyahlee Exploring Kelly Tarltons

Our Trip At Kelly Tarltons.

Today we explored Kelly Tarltons to find some things about Antarctica. We meeted a lady called Janice, she told us about the living things in Antarctica like Orca Whale, Gentoo Penguins and skuas. There were two types of penguins there was Gentoo Penguin and King Penguin.

Janice who works at Kelly Tarltons , got two people up at the front of everybody and she told the class what people need to wear in Antarctica. When you go to Antarctica you need ice boots, thick jacket, goggles, thick gloves and thermal underwear.

In Kelly Tarltons there were things you might need to survive  in Antarctica. There were food like milo and noodles, there was also this thing where you put your bare hand into the ice.

It was amazing exploring Kelly Tarltons thanks to all the parents, teachers and kelly Tarlton staff. I loved looking at the penguins the seahorses and the stingray and eals.

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